Essentially, this organisation aims to define, maintain and evolve the system architecture, and help foster and align national parties. Nations and ideologies must implement their own transitions to adopt it.


Awareness campaigns

The organisation also seeks to promote component ideas of the proposed system and help individuals, nations, ideologies and corporations to ‘buy into’, and find their place within, a common global system.

We will achieve this through a series of social media campaigns

Feedback from campaigns will also help to refine the ideas.


System concept, vision and target operating model

 2019 - 2020

 2021 - challenge and refinement

Execution plan - In development

Funding and awareness

National party formations

Global and national Campaigning for national elections

National alignment and global aggregation



Organisation set up


Execution Plan

In development

This organisation, although styled as a 'Party', does not seek election in any nation. Its purpose is to propose a system of global government, and help refine that proposal.

If people agree that the system is worth implementing, they should create national political parties using the principles of the system as a basis for their manifestos [Manifesto template in progress].

If they persuade their populations to vote them into power, they can then make changes to their national judicial and executive processes that will help align the nation to a global system.

Once aligned, nations can aggregate together into an ever increasing global system of government.

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Implementation plan
Paper - On the organisation of the species
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