System concept, vision and target operating model

 2019 - 2020 Concept

 2021 - 2022 Challenge and refinement

 2023+ - Annual revisions

Funding and awareness

National party formations

Global and national Campaigning for national elections

National alignment and global aggregation



Organisation set up


This organisation, although labelled a 'Party', does not seek election in any nation. Its purpose is to propose a system of global government, help refine that proposal, and help the species get used to the idea.

It will take time to open people to the ideas and benefits of the system, and to allay fears. Initially the organisation will promote the fundamental ideas of the proposed system to help individuals, nations, ideologies and corporations ‘buy into’ the vision, and find their place within a common global system.

Essentially The species will have to marinade in these thoughts for a few generations, before it can make use of them.

Eventually If enough people agree that the system is worth implementing, they should create national political parties using the principles of the system as a basis for their manifestos.

If they persuade their populations to vote them into power, they can then make changes to their national judicial and executive processes that will help align the nation to a global system.

Once aligned, nations can aggregate together into an ever increasing global system of government.

This will take time, and patience - Evolution not Revolution


Promote system ideas

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Execution Plan

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