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Last updated: May 2021

The first edition of this Systems Engineering thought piece was issued in January 2019. It is actively being reviewed, improved and updated. The next version is expected in September 2021.

Meanwhile please continue to challenge it and help improve it.


In 80 (or so) pages, this paper answers the question

Language tags

“On the organisation of the species”. A proposal for a system of global human organisation

"Sur l'organisation des espèces" Une proposition pour un système d'organisation humaine mondiale

"Über die Organisation der Art" Ein Vorschlag für ein System globaler menschlicher Organisation

«Об организации вида». Предложение о глобальной системе организации человека

"Sobre la organización de las especies". Una propuesta para un sistema global de organización humana

"Sobre a organização da espécie." Uma proposta para um sistema global de organização humana

"Mengenai organisasi spesies." Cadangan untuk sistem organisasi manusia global



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