Nation states

Build awareness of the issues, fluidity and temporariness of nation states, cultural competition, and the benefits of aggregation.

Equality - Wealth tax

Build awareness of the need for national (and eventually a global) wealth tax to enable better opportunities for the majority of the species.

Equality - Living wage and working standards

Build awareness of the need for a global minimum living wage, and common working and health standards.

Species Vision

Build awareness of a proposed common vision for humanity.

Common ethics and values

Build awareness of the need for common ethics and values, and help improve adherence to them.

Commons in faith systems

Can religions become sub cultures to a common global species culture? Engage religions to agree which religious urgings are common and which are diverse.

Ecosystem improvement

Build awareness of the need to interact better with our ecosystem so as not to destabilise our only home.

Infrastructure improvement

Build awareness of the need to improve global communications, energy and transport infrastructure to support a sustainable global governance system.

Web anonymity - Ethics and values

Build awareness of the need to remove web anonymity from all publicly visible posts and comments. Published material should be directly attributable.

Sustainable business

Build awareness of how businesses and other organisations could and should be part of an overarching system and contribute to a common vision for our species.

‘Common good’ IPR

IPR issues often restrict exploitation of technology and pharmaceuticals for 'the common good'. Raise awareness that national GOVs or a system actor such as the WHO should be able to purchase IPR for common good.

Free movement

Build awareness of the benefits and risks of no borders and free movement of goods, services and people at a global scale.

Awareness campaigns

The organisation plans to promote component ideas of the proposed system to help individuals, nations, ideologies, religions and corporations ‘buy into’, and find their place within, a common global system.

Feedback from campaigns will also help to refine the proposed system.

To offer help with the campaigns

United Nations

Equality - Living wage and working standards

Ecosystem improvement (UNEP)


British Academy

Sustainable business

Together first

Making the case for global solutions

Joe Biden

Common good IPR

Elizabeth Warren

Wealth tax

Organisations exist today that are actively promoting some of the initiatives above, but they are not co-ordinated into an overarching system vision.

List to be developed.....

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