Nation states

Build awareness of the issues, fluidity and temporary nature of competing nation states and their supporting cultures, and help people relax their attachments to them.

Build awareness of the benefits of global collaboration and aggregation.

Species Vision

Build awareness of the need for a common vision for humanity.

Common ethics and values

Build awareness of the need for common ethics and values that would form the foundation of  a global civilisation.

Governance systems

Improve awareness of different types of governance systems and raise awareness that a new economic model is required that is fit for a global economy.


Build awareness of our natural affinity for multi layered cultures, and the benefits of constructing a top level we-the-species governance culture that allows multiple sub-cultures to co-exist without conflict.

Faith systems

Engage religions to challenge their supremacist views. Can religions become sub cultures to a common global species culture?

Build awareness that all religions, cultures and nations are man made.

Static ideological models have caused much conflict. Help religions try to adapt their practices and beliefs to our evolving understanding of ourselves and our cosmic environment.

National debt

Build awareness that any system that constrains our development because of government debt is daft. There is a better way.

Free movement

Build awareness of the benefits and risks of no borders and free movement of goods, services and people at a global scale.


Build awareness that while inequality is a natural result of our evolutionary system, unlimited inequality causes social problems.

Build awareness of the need for national (and eventually a global) wealth tax to enable better competitive opportunities for the majority of the species.

Build awareness of the need for a global minimum living wage, and common working and health standards to reduce social conflicts, aid global levelling up and support free movement.

Sustainable business

Build awareness of how businesses and other organisations could and should be part of an overarching system and contribute to a common vision for our species.

Infrastructure improvement

Build awareness of the need to improve global housing, communications, energy and transport infrastructure to support a sustainable global governance system.

Ecosystem improvement

Build awareness of the need to interact better with our ecosystem so as not to destabilise our only home.

Web anonymity

Build awareness of the need to remove web anonymity from all publicly visible posts and comments. Published material should be directly attributable.

‘Common good’ IPR

IPR issues often restrict exploitation of technology and pharmaceuticals for 'the common good'. Raise awareness that national GOVs or a system actor such as the WHO should be able to purchase IPR for ‘The common good’.


Promote awareness of Language as a tool that allows us to communicate, that two languages defeat the purpose, that  language can often be the basis of cultural polarisation and division, and that a single governance language would be efficient.

Awareness campaigns

The organisation promotes fundamental ideas of the proposed system to help individuals, nations, ideologies, religions and corporations get used to the idea of a common global system of government, and then ‘buy into’, and find their place within it.

Feedback from campaigns will also help  refine the proposed system, and how it addresses real world problems

United Nations

Equality - Living wage and working standards

Ecosystem improvement (UNEP)


British Academy

Sustainable business

Together first

Making the case for global solutions

Joe Biden

Common good IPR

Elizabeth Warren

Wealth tax

Yale: It is good to see American academia getting on board and exploring some of these ideas.

Great transition initiative

Global governance forum

Global Governance Forum

World governance summit

Home | World Government Summit

Some Organisations  are actively promoting some of the initiatives above, but they are not co-ordinated into an overarching system vision.

Other published artefacts provide supporting material



System component

Bertrand Russel

BBC Radio 4 - The Reith Lectures, Bertrand Russell - Authority and the Individual, Control and Initiative: Their Respective Spheres

Functions of the state in a world government - from 1949. All we are proposing has been thought before!!!

BBC has posted a series of Reith lectures by BR. All relevant. BBC Radio 4 - The Reith Lectures, Bertrand Russell - Authority and the Individual - Available now

Kwame Anthony Appiah (mistaken identities)

Nation states and cultural affiliations

Akbar Ahmed (debating the war of ideas)

Ideology, ethics and morals

Jeremy Rifkin

Infrastructure and the sharing economy

Einstein, Gorbachov, Grant and many other thinkers of the future of human organisation

World government - Wikiquote

The need and inevitability of a world government.  Quotes and links to works.

Jason Brennan

Hobbits and hooligans

Great take on democracy.

To  help with the campaigns

Just get stuck in to Quora, Disqus, Reddit and any other discussion forum (especially non-english languages).

Oh, and we have been #CanceledByTwitter and all references to us have been removed from Wikipedia.

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