Cultures support the ideas of ‘Us’.

We all subscribe to multiple ideas of ‘Us’. We the nation, We the religion, We the family, We the village, We the tribe, We the supporters of our football team, We the commercial organisation, We the workers, the list is endless.

We use cultures to foster trust so that we can collaborate, but we also use them to separate Us from Them so that we can compete at a group level, sometimes destructively. All wars occur between Us and Them.

The system proposes that we consciously develop an overarching culture of We-the-species, within which multi layered sub-cultures can co-exist without conflict.

How do you form and reinforce a culture? What are the limits of  a ‘Governance culture’? How can sub-cultures co-exist without destructive competition? How can cultures become less based on geography to exist as free floating diasporas?

See the proposal.

Global governance culture


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