Q. How do we prevent war?

A. The proposed system removes reasons for war and it removes the ability to wage war.

If there are no nations:

If there is a single governance culture:

If there is a common vision for the species, common education to describe why it is there, a mechanism to question and change it, and if people  stopped instilling their nationalism and ideologies into their children and instilled instead a culture of we-are-all-one-species, then:

With a single system to manage the economy and manage inequality and wealth:

With a common judicial system:

With the above in place, then most of the tensions that develop into wars today just disappear. Think of the resources that could be re-purposed from preparing for war. Technologists, researchers, manufacturers and materials redeployed into the economy to develop on-planet infrastructure and off-planet capabilities. So much effort is wasted in war. Build, destroy, rebuild, destroy. It is not exactly environmentally friendly either. Think of the infrastructure that would not be destroyed and the duplication of labour and materials we spend in rebuilding after war.

But then, we are human, and group conflict is a capability that has evolved with us.

So a world government would reduce the causes for war, but humans would have to evolve to be able to control our emotions and willingly trade some freedoms for the benefits of group collaboration to remove war entirely.


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