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This organisation, although labelled a 'Party', does not seek election in any nation. Its purpose is to propose a system of global government, help refine that proposal, and help the species get used to the idea.


System summary

The way in which we organise ourselves into a system of competing nation states is not a product of conscious design, but is a product of multi generational evolution.

Nation states have been useful tools during the evolution of the human species. However, this system that we use to organise ourselves perpetuates problems such as wars, land disputes, tariffs, borders, tax havens, trade wars, national debt, terrorism and mass migration. It actively promotes cultural differences that prevent us working together as a global society, and is responsible for preventing global responses to natural disasters and man-made problems. It makes us squander resources and effort on defensive and offensive competition and entangles many of us in economic debt that prevents us improving our situation.

The paper “On the organisation of the species” proposes that we now have the tools to consciously design a better system, and explores ways to achieve it.

Download and read PDF "On the organisation of the species"

 Download and read - On the organisation of the species Download the PDF (about 125 pages and 12MB)

Last updated December 2021

The first edition of this Systems Engineering thought piece was issued in January 2019. It is actively being reviewed, improved and updated. Get the latest version from its source site.

What is in it?

It proposes that we take a bold evolutionary step in the way we organise ourselves, and move on from our current system of competing nation states towards one global system of government.

It proposes that cultures free themselves from geographical boundaries, enabling global diasporas to co-exist within a single efficient governance framework.

It proposes common governance processes, common global services, and a common financial model to enable us to tackle major global issues.

It answers underlying questions such as:

It proposes a contract between state, citizen and organisation that enables the exploration and adoption of new ideas, while providing the stability that allows us to achieve long term aims.

The paper then explores how we might adopt this new system, and transition from our current situation. It identifies blockers that might prevent transition, and behaviours that will make it easier. It also attempts to identify which of our current nations or institutions might lead the charge, why ‘federations’ won't cut  it and, most importantly, what individuals and organisations can do to help.

Could the EU, UN, CCP, US or a religion lead us into a global system? How long might it take? What responsibilities would be required of a citizen? How could businesses and other organisations play a part in the system and contribute to the species vision?

Too good to be true? Maybe. Have a read and then make up your own mind. Read it, think on it, relax your own national and cultural bonds and become one with the species, even if it is only temporary.


Supporting material

 in progress - searching for pre-existing and emerging material


Consider that at birth, there is no notion of nation or culture. These are taught to us by those who have it already.

It would be perfectly possible to instill a single global governance culture if the next generation were taught to do so from birth.


We have evolved the ability to collaborate to achieve greater things as a group than we can achieve individually. It is this tension between collaboration and competition, both as individuals and groups, which is at the heart of cultures, societies and nations.

Managing it is the key to unlocking a successful global organisation of our species.


The key player who needs to be able to subordinate their nationality or culture or religion to a global system and global culture is YOU.

What would have to be put in place for YOU to consider yourself first of all a member of the human species?


Law, money, nation, religion, border and debt are all man-made concepts.

We can bend them to our needs as required


Language tags

“On the organisation of the species”. A proposal for a system of global human organisation

"De l'organisation de l’espèce" Une proposition pour un système d'organisation humaine mondiale

"Über die Organisation der Art" Ein Vorschlag für ein System globaler menschlicher Organisation

«Об организации вида». Предложение о глобальной системе организации человека

"Sobre la organización de las especies". Una propuesta para un sistema global de organización humana

"Sobre a organização da espécie." Uma proposta para um sistema global de organização humana

"Mengenai organisasi spesies." Cadangan untuk sistem organisasi manusia global



Organisation Of The Species “Evolutionary Social Capitalism” “Global Society” “No Nations” “One System” “Global Government” “World Government” MMT “Modern Monetary Theory” Globalisation “One Language” “Species Vision” “Wealth Tax” “Living Wage” “No Borders” “Ultimate System” “Our Species” “We The Species” “We Humans” Religions Cultures Nations “nation states” “Open Borders” “Free Movement” ”Global System” “Global Human Party” “Global Governance”




System component

Kwame Anthony Appiah (mistaken identities)

Nation states and cultural affiliations

Akbar Ahmed (debating the war of ideas)

Ideology, ethics and morals

Jeremy Rifkin

Infrastructure and the sharing economy

Einstein, Gorbachov, Grant and many other thinkers of the future of human organisation

World government - Wikiquote

The need and inevitability of a   world government.  Quotes and links to works.

Jason Brennan

Hobbits and hooligans

Great take on democracy.

The concept of national debt is daft. There is a better way.


Nations are already aggregations of families, clans, tribes and regions.

A global system is the next logical step.


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